Brick Painting

Brick Painting Services

Painting brick surfaces is quite a commitment on behalf of the homeowner. The main reason is because once brick is painted, it is VERY hard to remove. Not many companies will want to take on paint removal from brick type of work. This is something you need to be positive about. In this case, seeing homes in person with painted brick is a great idea. 

Exterior Brick Painting

Brick is very porous which makes it very important to use the correct primer and paint. By doing so the pores and deficiencies in the brick and mortar can be sealed. This extends the life of the brick with excellent protection. It also makes the walls of your home easier to clean and looking new. 

Interior Brick Painting

There is not a major difference when it comes to preparation of interior brick surfaces. Walls, fireplaces and so on, all require prep and specific primer and paint. Removal of paint from interior brick is just as difficult if not even harder than exterior brick. Being confident in your paint matching indoors is important, and something the teams at A+ Painting can help you with.  

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