Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is not just bound to kitchens. Bathroom cabinets and some furniture fall in this same category. We also understand that here in Florida there are many homes with outdoor kitchens. 

There are a couple of different processes when it comes to painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Depending on the actual goal and finish of the cabinet, we would either roll paint or spray. Some paints work better with one of the two methods. 

To minimize interference in your life and depending on the size of the job, we would normally disassemble all of the hardware (knobs, handles hinges) and bring the cabinet doors back to our shop. There we would sand and prep the doors and then apply the various paint coats. This would leave us actually painting inside your home for a minimal amount of time touching up the cabinet that remains installed. 

As with any house painting, kitchen cabinet painting, or even bathroom painting, there is a decision process. From gathering inspiration online to seeing a friends home and wanting something similar, we can help. With years of experience we can absolutely help you with your decision and guide you in the right path to the correct paint type once you have the vision. 

cabinet painting

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