Door Painting

Door Painting

Interior Door Painting

Interior and exterior door painting require different preparation as well as primers and paints. 

Similar to painting outdoor fences, decks, and walls, exterior doors require a paint that can withstand the elements. Heat, humidity, rain, and wind can all cause damage of some sort. These surfaces also need to have properties that allow cleaning so you can keep your house looking updated throughout the years.

Interior doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms, or even kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities require a paint that is of durable quality. Similar to the exterior doors, interior door paint needs to be capable of lasting years against chemical cleaners. Oil from our hands, pets, children, opening and closing, bumping and so on can cause the surface of the door to wear out over time. 

Choosing a paint that can rejuvenate your home but stand the test of time is an important decision to make. Our team has helped countless homeowners with this decision. Contact us and let us help you get started. 

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