Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Furniture moves, picture frames fall, life happens, and sometimes our drywall ends up being the victim. Fortunately, drywall damage is not the end of the world. It’s a routine fix for the teams here at A+ Painting. Cutting, patching, painting for a perfect match are some of the quality home painting services we provide. 

Drywall Repair Services

When drywall is damaged, we often overlook it simply because it’s subtle and not very noticeable. But what happens if a pipe bursts? A plumber may have to cut out part of the wall to repair the leak. Sure, the hole in the wall needs repair, but what if the surrounding drywall was saturated. In order to prevent mold, that portion of the wall needs repair too.

Drywall damage comes in all sizes from nail holes from picture frames to the dreaded plumbing issue. 

Here are some drywall repairs we have experienced in the past:

  • Small nail holes
  • Furniture dents
  • Exposed/cracked joint tape
  • Door knob dents/holes
  • Floor board and tile removal
  • Moisture or mold
  • Damage from children (skateboard dents are common)
  • Damage from insects/rodents

The repairs are usually fast and painless. With matching paint on hand we can be in and out with no disruption to your day. 

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