Orlando Apartment Complex painting. (Windtree)

We did the entire exterior of this apartment complex in Winter Garden Florida.Windtree gardens, is an apartment complex with 22 8 unit buildings.

After pressure washing , we then used Sherwin Williams Loxon clear conditioner sealer/primer. This product has excellent topcoat adhesion on Stucco. It’s very easily applied with a brush, roller, or spray without reduction. We chose to spray it. It is able to bonds light chalk, and dusting concrete. Plus, since its dry to the touch in 30 minutes and ready fort coating  in just 3 hours, We were Able to paint our topcoat the same day.

A+ Painters sprayed the bod with Sherwin Williams Super Paint “Agreeable Gray: We used a 2 step system one painter spaying the paint with a grace sprayer while another painter used a roller to back roll in the paint. This system helped ensure a full and even coat was applied.

Porch floors also finished in “Mega Griege but with Sherwin Williams H&C.

Railing was finished in an eye catching Tricorn black with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Water based urethane. In order to apply this urethane based product, we used painting gloves. This allowed us to apply a full an even coat, without issues of overspray.

Overall making one sweet modern combination. This apartment complex is now living in 2022 with a fresh new modern paint job. That is sure to last for many years to come.

This project is a clear example of how we love working as a team and can complete all different types of jobs, large and small, we have al the experience necessary. A+ painting is reliable, Professional, Affordable quality painting.Commercial painting & residential painting.


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