Avalon’s park exterior painting.

This Avalon’s park exterior painting project had multiple cracks all throughout the stucco. These stucco cracks began to allow  more and more water into the home over the years. Eventually this lead to interior damage. All the water had actually damaged the interior drywall. So we wanted to ensure that no more water would come through the homes exterior. We decided to use and elastomeric caulking for extra stretching abilities. Elastomeric caulking provides outstanding weather-ability. Also providing high elasticity, without cracking or breaking the adhesion bond. In order to add further protection, we applied an elastomeric paint as a topcoat. This elastomeric topcoat was a Sherwin Williams product. Specifically designed for excellent protection from harsh weather conditions. And to be used on a variety of vertical concrete surfaces. This product can reduce water damage on interior surfaces. By protecting exterior concrete and masonry surfaces against wind-driven rain. 

This customer recited a 2 year warranty abasing the cracks and any peeling or blistering paint. As do all of our exterior painting projects.

Just another reason why A+ painting is , reliable, professional, affordable. Quality painting at an affordable price.

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