Car wash Orlando commercial painting.

Many cars would drive by this place multiple times a day. Without even realizing it. I was told this by more than 5 cars that’s stopped in, just shortly after we started to paint.You cans see the columns were a faded old yellow. Making it hard to notice. In return causing this owner to see his revenue start to drop.  Ready to make the investment for a repaint, he quickly gave us a call.

We decided to give it a super bright, super vibrant GREEN. Its the most visible color in the world!This made the car wash Orlando painting stand out. Not to mentioned the fresh new look, made people want to get a second look.  Just 2 weeks after completion , we are proud to announce this owner saw an increase in revenue.

Quickly recouping his repainting cost. Overall getting a great return on his investment.  You can be sure, no one will drive past this car wash ever again without noticing it.

On this project we used Behr’s Marquee line of products. The best product lien that they currently off. For lasting results. Better hide, and better adhesion.


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