Champion Gates Investor Repaint. Champions Gate Investor Repaint. This  home had been foreclosed on. Leaving it abandon and empty for more than a year. The many years of neglect lead to large amounts of mildew to build onto the exterior of the home. Resulting in chalking and peeling paint.   After giving the exterior home a hefty pressure wash. We applied a stucco sealer/primer also known as ill clear. This sealer was a very important material used on this project. Since the home was neglected for so many years, the exterior was left dirty, grimy and flaky. We needed to seal it , in order to provide a long lasting paint job. Every exterior painting project comes with a 2 year limited warranty. Protecting you from, peeling, flaking blistering and bubbling paint. Champions gate investor repaint was a great example of why its vital to keep up with your homes exterior paint. Paint adds visual beauty, but it also protects your home.

Due to the mildew we Used Behr’s Premium Plus product line. For the mildew resistant and color retention technology. The body of the home was a lovely satin finish. The trim was an amazing Semi-gloss.


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