Citi trends exterior commercial painting

Citi trends exterior painting completed in sanford, Florida. This client had just started leasing this building when they gave us a call. Once they installed their company sign. They needed the bare areas to be painted. So that their storefront could attract more customers and overall have a better appearance. Did you know a new fresh coat of paint is highly  likely to raise revenue for brick and mortar stores? Just think, would you want to walk into a store that has peeling , flaking , or chalking paint everywhere?  Painting is simply a great return on your investment for any business or home owner.

A fresh new coat of Behr’s Premium plus is just one way to raise revenue and help attract more customers into your business. So that’s exactly what we did. We applied 2 coats. Using a 3/4 inch nap. Making sure to use drops cloths to protect the parking lot and sidewalk.

We came in , matched the color , and completed it all in just about 2 hours. Having over 15 years experience we know how to get the job done right the first time. Commercial painting is just one of our great services we currently offer.


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