College park interior painting in a lovely modern gray. We used Behr’s Premium plus interior eggshell.  Our client with this project had outgrown their home. Looking to attract buyers, they quickly called us to bring it back to life.

Homes are 10x more likely to sell with the proper presentation. Paint can make all the difference.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right color, but many do not even realize there are also different ‘sheens“.  For example. Kitchens are a space where cooking is done, this means oils are in the air and get stuck to the walls. So we recommend A semi-gloss Or a satin for these areas. The sheens have a lot of washability to them. So you can wipe the oils right off. Where as , if you used a flat pant, the oil would smear into the paint itself. Another great place to use a semi-gloss would be Bathrooms, Due to the condensation build up from showers and baths.  Doors and baseboards are a great contender as well for semi-gloss.   Most other walls, rooms we recommend an eggshell. Although it does provide a small shine to the wall. It adds much needed protection and can actually last longer than a flat paint.College Park Interior Painting is just one of many happy customers.


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