Deck stain Apopka.

This deck was in much need of protection. Sitting for 2 years without any protection, left the decks with such a weathered look.

The gray dull look is from Floridas harsh elements. Uv rays mixed with rain took a heavy beating.  Since wood s a pours substrate it is vital to have it sealed in order for it to last.  Looking for protection and a new look, this customer decided to give us a call.

In order to 1.restore the woods natural color tone and 2. Get the new stain to soak into the porous wood properly, we decided to used Behr’s wood brighter to restore the decks. Just the cleaner alone was enough to bring it back to life. Since the owner was only looking to protect his decks and not add any real color.

We then applied Behr’s waterproofing stain and sealer in natural cedar transparent finish. This allowed the natural tone and grain of the wood to show in the finished result. Can you say wow! Not only does the deck look, and feel more luxurious, But it is now protected form all the elements. Now it will last for many years to come. Maintaining a great look, where as otherwise the deck would start to deteriorate more, thus leading to rot and eventually having to replace the decks.

So when it comes to wood, staining, sealing is vital to maintaining the wood for years to come.

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