This exterior door staining  in Groveland, Florida was completed in just a few hours.

We first cleaned the door of surface stains and debris. Then we applied 4 coats of Sherwin Williams Stain.

We used staining sponges to apply the stain. Although spraying is a faster method. Using the sponges help us control the outcome of the stain.Giving us a more detailed result.

In this partially case, our client specifically asked for the stain the be more light than dark. While still adding protection.

Keep in mind, when you stain any pours substrate such as wood, the more coats, the darker the stain will become. In other words, do not add too many coats.

This is due to the wood soaking up the stain. Our customer was overjoyed with the results of their exterior door staining project. As were we. This door not only looks amazing, But it is now protected from the Florida elements.

There are many different ways to stain, seal and protect new and previously stained lumber. Contact us today for a free estimate, and learn what steps you need to take in order to protect your fence today. Remever with any staining project its always important to test the stain on a spare  first.




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