Exterior Painting Gotha Florida

This home had not been painted in over 13 years. Due to the lack of protection, this caused multiple spots of rust damage. Allowing the stucco band to be exposed for long periods of time. We cleaned up the rust with wire brushes. Then applied a rust-resistant sealer. Once the rust oil based primer dried. We then applied stucco patching  to the areas that were damaged while also sealing the cracks with caulking. Once the stucco patching cured, we started to  Power wash the home.Once the home was dry, we applied a sealer on the stucco know as Kilz Clear. Kilz Clearis a water-based fast dry multi-surface clear primer developed to seal porous surfaces inside and outside your home.

For the exterior painting finish coat, we use Behr’s, exterior premium plus satin finish.In Behr’s “Real qork” .The results are breathe taking, and better yet the home is now protected. This color is natural, so it’s sure to last for many many years to come.  A+ painting does all the proper exterior painting prep work that is necessary to provide a painting job that will last for many many years to come.

Reliable, professional, affordable.


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