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After 12 years without paint, this homes exterior paint  started to break down in many ways. Holes in the stucco, cracks and gaps.All allowing moisture to get behind the paint and cause peeling, blistering cracking and chalking. Once we repaired the stucco. it was time for a hefty pressure washing. We used  30 second cleaner to get all the dirt, grim and mildew off the exterior of the home. Once the home was dry, we then applied a sealer for better adhesion. We used Killz, Clear For advance adhesion. This product help to ensure the new paint to be applied, would stick correctly to the home. Thus allowing the paint to last for many years to come.

You can definitely say this customer was impressed with the outcome.  Not only did we bring this exterior panting  home back to life, but we added much needed protection for years to come. This home owner now has some lovely much needed curb appeal. While also ensuring she isn’t causing any structural damage due to water intrusion.

Thanks again Behr premium plus for bringing this Exterior Painting in Pine Hills  Florida home back to life.

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