Exterior Solid Stain on a cedar siding home.

Unfortunately this cedar siding home had gone more than ten years without staining. Leaving  the cedar siding with large amounts of mildew. Also, the sun had completely worn out the previous stain. Which was applied many years ago.  So when we applied Behr’s solid stain, we were sure to “back brush” while spraying. This allowed the stain to soak into the old pours of the cedar properly. Using a solid satin is a great way to protect old or damaged wood. Since it can no longer accept a stain that will bring out its natural look. So it’s actually  best to go with a solid stain. It looks like a paint, but acts like a stain. Then end result does not disappoint. Prior to applying the stain. We prepped the cedar with Behr’s wood brightener followed by a lite wash and rinse. This product helps transform old, dirty, mildew stained wood surfaces into clean wood. Ideal for cedar siding. After letting the Cedar dry out for 48 Hours We returned to apply a the oil based primer.

Once the primer was dry, we finished with Behr’s premium waterproofing solid stain and sealer, in Barn red for the body, and Padre Brown for the trim. The home not only looks amazing , but the Cedar is now properly protected. This exterior solid stain project is a great example of the importance keeping up with your hoes paint and or stain. Keep it protected, save yourself money. It’s a win win. Also, your home will be sure to always look fresh and amazing. Getting the curb appeal you desire and deserve.

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