Revitalizing Cedar Siding with Exterior Solid Stain

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This cedar siding home had gone more than ten years without staining, leading to extensive mildew buildup and sun damage. The previous stain had completely worn out, leaving the cedar exposed and vulnerable. Our team stepped in to restore and protect the wood using Behr’s solid stain, ensuring the cedar siding would look great and be well-protected for years to come.

Preparing the Cedar Siding

Before applying the stain, we thoroughly prepped the cedar siding. The first step involved treating the wood with Behr’s wood brightener. This product is designed to transform old, dirty, and mildew-stained wood surfaces into clean, ready-to-stain wood. After applying the brightener, we performed a light wash and rinse to remove any remaining residue.

Benefits of Behr’s Wood Brightener:

  • Mildew Removal: Effectively eliminates mildew stains.
  • Surface Preparation: Prepares the wood for optimal stain absorption.
  • Wood Restoration: Transforms weathered wood into a clean, stain-ready surface.

After letting the cedar dry out for 48 hours, we returned to apply an oil-based primer. This step is crucial for ensuring the stain adheres properly and provides long-lasting protection.

Applying the Solid Stain

With the primer dry, we moved on to applying Behr‘s premium waterproofing solid stain and sealer. We chose Barn Red for the body and Padre Brown for the trim, giving the home a vibrant and classic look. To ensure the stain penetrated the old pores of the cedar properly, we used a technique called “back brushing” while spraying. This method helps the stain soak in deeply, providing a uniform and durable finish.

Advantages of Using a Solid Stain:

  • Enhanced Protection: Solid stain acts like paint but offers the penetration and protection of a stain.
  • Ideal for Older Wood: Perfect for old or damaged wood that can no longer accept a transparent stain.
  • Uniform Finish: Provides a consistent and appealing look.

The Final Result

The end result was nothing short of amazing. The cedar siding not only looked revitalized but was also well-protected from the elements. Behr’s premium waterproofing solid stain and sealer provide excellent moisture resistance and UV protection, ensuring the cedar siding remains beautiful and durable.

Why Maintain Your Cedar Siding:

  • Protect Your Investment: Regular staining and maintenance protect your home from damage, saving you money in the long run.
  • Curb Appeal: Keeping your siding fresh and well-maintained boosts your home’s curb appeal, making it look inviting and well-cared-for.
  • Longevity: Proper care and maintenance extend the life of your siding, ensuring it continues to protect and beautify your home for years.


This exterior solid stain project highlights the importance of regular maintenance for cedar siding. By choosing the right products and techniques, you can transform weathered wood into a stunning and protected surface. At A+ Painting, we are dedicated to delivering quality results that enhance and protect your home. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior staining and painting services, and let us help you achieve the curb appeal you deserve.



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