Gotha Florida Exterior Repaint

Gotha, Florida Exterior Repaint completed in 5 days.After 15 years without paint.

The lack of maintenance was really hurting the integrity and overall look of the home.

We started with pressure washing the entire home. Then we sprayed all the rusted stucco bands, with a rust preventative primer.    

After letting the primer dry, we used a rapid set stucco patching compound to fix the damaged stucco. Believe it or not we applied the same color that was used previously (15 years ago ) Behr’s  Real Cork. Crossed over to Sherwin Williams Super paint.

Yes you herd us correctly, that’s the same color, the sun had truly broken it down. It almost looks pink !

So overall the lesson here is. If you wait to paint, you could potentially be causing more issues in the future like.

Rusted out stucco bands. Cracks and gaps in stucco that allow Moiture/drafts inside.

This may lead to drywall damage, baseboard damage. Mold and other costly repairs.

Painting does add visual beauty, but more importantly. It adds vital protection to your home.

You should never put exterior painting on hold. All our our Exterior painting projects include the proper steps to protect your home.

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