Home exterior repaint  Orlando Florida. This project was a great example of why keeping up with your paint is very important. For many reasons.This home had gone over 15 years, without a fresh coat of paint. As a result, the paint started to break down. This caused chalking, peeling and flaking. Not only was the paint Breaking down completely , but so was the waterproofing. (Caulking) Etc….

Allowing water to penetrate the stucco through many many cracks.After a very intense pressure washing , we then applied a sealer/primer known as Killz Clear to help seal in the old paint.This Process helped prevent the new paint from peeling, blister and bubbling .Allowing the new paint to adhere properly to the stucco. Rather than the old failing paint. The transformation looks completely amazing. Paint does indeed add lots of much needed visual beauty. More importantly, it helps protect your home, from water, sun and the earths natural elements. So book a free estimate today , add visual beauty and get protected. Find out which color is best for your homes exterior painting project.

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