House Exterior Painting from old too new, with just one coat.

Located in Clermont Florida this house exterior painting project took us 4 days to complete. The first day is prep day. First, we pressure washed the home. After we allowed the home to dry for a few hours, we then returned to seal the cracks/gaps in the stuccoSealing the cracks would help ensure no moisture of drafts are allowed into the home.Followed by taping and putting plastic on all windows/lights.Taping the windows and lights helped prevent them from getting covered with overspray. Once that was completed we applied Killz clear

After the kills dried, we then applied  Behr’s Premium Plus Exterior Satin Enamel.We did this using a 2 step painting system. Which includes spraying and Back-rolling. This helps to ensure a full and even coat is applied.

In fact depending on the surface, bankrolling is a very vital step to the painting process. Rolling the paint spreads it through the entire surface.

Stucco homes are where bankrolling is most important. The rough surface of the stucco has to be back rolled. Otherwise you end up with, dry spots. poor coverage, and lap marks.



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