Interior painting in Tavares, Florida. Our client had just purchased a new home, and the previous owner did the painting themselves. leaving behind a less than desired look. After cleaning the walls doors and baseboards of all debris , we first started cutting in the ceiling and baseboards.  On every interior painting project, we always overlap each coat 50 percent. This is a guarantee that you get full coverage of the walls. With no Dry marks, or old paint showing through.  Our client wanted to add some depth without closing in the spaces. So we came in with a lovey light grey color (Silver bullet by Behr) To give it a bit of warmth, while still staying neutral in tone. The white 52 color really pops against the lovely silver bullet. Behr’s premium plus line of products helped us accomplish a look of luxury.The results truly are A+.

Without thousand of colors to choose form , sometimes picking a color can be stressful. Did you know you can use sherwin Williams color visualizer? take a photo upload it to your  computer , and start checking out the color you have always dreamed of. We also offer 1 free hour of color consult to each and every client.


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