Interior repainting Avalon Park florida was very memorable for us. We had the pleasure of working with an army family who was getting re stationed overseas.  Looking to attract tenants quickly, they asked for a fresh new coat of paint on the walls doors and baseboards.

We gladly took on this Interior Repainting Avalon Park project and applied Behr’s premium plus interior eggshell. Using an eggshell sheen helps add a bit of washability to the walls while ensuring there isn’t too much of a shine.Eggshell may be a great option for walls, but  adding a semi-gloss is very common on doors and baseboards. Also in kitchen and bathrooms due to its high washability.  However it its usually avoided in main areas due to its major shine.This shine will help bring out wall imperfections, very easily. Although using a Flat paint is a cheaper option per gallon and overall upfront cost. However its durability is little to none. There is no shin to a flat sheen, that means no protection. It is a cheaper option but it usually does not last as long.As it offers zero washability. A high grade MATTE paint can be the best option. If you are seeking a no shine look with some washability.

It really just depends on your project and situation needs. This specific client wanted something that was very durable, but still natural looking. So eggshell was the perfect choice. Since he rents this home out regularly he will now have to repaint less then if we had used a flat paint.

Call A+ painting today to find out what Sheen and finish will work best for your interior painting project. Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss. Each project is different, with different needs.


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