Kissimmee Exterior Painters

Enhancing Kissimmee Curb Appeal

At A+ Painting, our team of professional painters recently had the pleasure of transforming the exterior of a charming home in Kissimmee. The homeowner sought to update the dated yellow exterior with a stylish, modern gray. With our free color consulting service, we guided her through the color selection process. In return, ensuring she picked a hue that perfectly complemented her home’s architecture and her personal style.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is critical to achieving a flawless finish, and our team is meticulous in this aspect. We began by power washing the entire exterior to remove dirt, mildew, and any loose paint. The old, chalky paint presented a challenge, so we applied a high-quality sealer to ensure the new paint would adhere properly and last longer.

Attention to Detail

Next, Our Kissimmee painters focused on the details, taping off areas to protect windows, doors, and trim. Exterior painters carefully caulked all gaps and seams to provide a smooth, professional finish and to enhance the home’s weather resistance.

Application Excellence

For the application, we used a commercial painting 395 graco sprayer to ensure an even, consistent coat of paint. This technique, combined with our thorough preparation, resulted in a sleek and modern look that transformed the home’s exterior. The new gray color not only modernized the appearance but also added a touch of elegance and sophistication.

This project is a testament to Kissimmee painters commitment to excellence and our ability to breathe new life into homes. If you’re looking for expert house painters or exterior painters in Kissimmee, trust A+ Painting to deliver outstanding results with attention to every detail


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