Kitchen Cabinet Painting is a great low cost budget friendly option to completely transform the look and feel of any kitchen.

All cabinets are not created equally. Some require different prep work. There are also many different options to explore. You can use an oil based paint, which is great for durability as oil based paints dry to a very hard finish. However the downside of oil based, is the fumes. Using an oil based paint can cause your home to mell very poorly. In some cases you need to vacate the area for a few hours.

Luckily in this day n age there are water based products that act like an oil based. As they dry very hard making them very durable choices. In this kitchen cabinet painting we chose to use a water based acrylic alkyd. Known as Behr’s Trim and Cabinet Paint.

We actually use this product on 90 parent of our kitchen cabinet painting projects. Due to its Low voc (fumes) and tuff durable finish.

This home owner was looking to sell. They were very smart by choosing a budget friendly option of painting their kitchen cabinets. In order to get great adhesion of the final topcoat we sanded the cabinets  down. We then applied and oil based primer. After we then applied Behr’s Trim and Cabinet paint.




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