Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Orlando Florida.This homeowner wanted to take on the project of painting their cabinets themselves. After many hours of struggle and less than satisfying results the called us in to take a look. After sanding down the runs/drips , we then applied oil based primer known as KILZZ Orginal to ensure good adhesion and lasting results. We then applied Behr’s Trim and cabinet paint. Behr’s  Cabinet & Trim Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel offers excellent flow & leveling. It will dry, hard, for a tough, durable finish. This allows you to wipe them clean over and over, without fear of damaging the paint. The years, and years of cooking in your kitchen will cause oil, grease and grim building up. That’s why Using a semigloss finish is very important. At least, it is for a longer lasting and more wipeable cabinet.

At the time of your free estimate, our professionals will determine which paint and finish are best for your projects individual needs. With kitchen cabinet refinishing projects not all cabinets are created equal.Some require more prep, some less. Some require primer, and lots of sanding. Are you looking for a paint or a stain?


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