Interior Painting Project in Lake Mary: A Transformation with Personality


The project involved transforming a dull, flat white house into a vibrant and personalized home. In the lovely city of Lake mary FL. Using Sherwin Williams Cashmere eggshell paint, our team applied the paint using brush and roller techniques, ensuring a beautiful, washable finish.

Project Details

The new homeowner wanted to add flair and personality to her home, which was previously a blank canvas with flat white walls. After a complimentary color consultation with our expert interior painters, she chose a range of colors that reflected her style. We used Sherwin Williams Cashmere in an eggshell finish for its superior washability and durability.

Living Room: A warm, inviting shade of Gray replaced the flat white, creating a cozy atmosphere. Kitchen: A vibrant  accent wall brightened the space, making it feel lively and welcoming.   Bedrooms: Soft pastels in blush pink & blue and were chosen to create serene and restful environments.


Our Lake Mary painters began by meticulously prepping the surfaces, ensuring a smooth application. We used the correct nap size for the rollers to guarantee an even and full finish, adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s specifications. Unlike spray applications, our team used brushes and rollers, which allowed for greater control and a more precise finish.

  1. Preparation: Sanding and priming were conducted to ensure the walls were ready for painting.
  2. Application: Paint was applied with care, using brushes for edges and rollers for larger surfaces to maintain consistency.
  3. Quality Control: Each room was inspected to ensure the finish was even and full, with no missed spots or uneven areas.


The transformation was stunning. The new colors brought warmth, vibrancy, and a unique personality to the home. The homeowner was thrilled with the results, especially appreciating the washability of the Sherwin Williams Cashmere eggshell finish.

Living Room: Now a cozy and inviting space. Kitchen: Bright and cheerful, perfect for entertaining. Bedrooms: Calm and relaxing, ideal for restful nights.


If you’re looking to transform your home with professional interior painting services in Lake Mary, look no further than A+ Painting. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results that reflect your personal style. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate, and let our professional painters bring your vision to life


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