OpenDoor Exterior Painting in orlando florida.

On this OpenDoor Exterior Painting project. We performed a full repaint of the interior and exterior of the home. Our client was looking to get the house on the market quickly. This way it could be sold as soon as possible. In order to create the same color, we used a color matching system at Home Depot. This was a great way to keep the same look of the home, without having to hunt down the previous color name.

As for the interior, we used a lovely neutral beige color. With an eggshell finish.The eggshell finish on the walls allowed for washability. Also making the paint last longer. This isa great option for anyone with kids and or  animals. You can wipe down areas without damaging the paint or drywall of your home. As for the doors baseboards and trim we used a durable very washable semi-gloss finish.  Doors , and baseboards are heavy trafficked. Damaged by shoes and hands. This semi-gloss paint provided some much needed protection. Making it the only choice for doors trim, and cabinets in any painting project. In some cases, It can also be used with bathroom and kitchen walls.




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