Sea World Exterior Painting at shark bar grill.  Located at Sea World Orlando , at the shark encounter. This was a very fun project for us to complete. As it was at the SHARK ENCOUNTER inside Sea World in Orlando Fl.    Performing the priming and painting for the new door, as well as the surrounding wall that separated the restaurant from the exhibit. Sea World Shark bar restaurant had already been open for many years. Yet the wanted to add a walk up style bar/ordering station.  So they torn down the existing wall and added a counter and door.

We were called in to repaint the areas needed. It was a really fun job considering we did this overnight during Christmas time. Our team used A specified automotive paint. This would ensure the paint to last for year and years and yeasr and well yea you get the idea. The stuff last! Automotive paint is a much different process than the typical water based latex acrylic. Automotive paint is oil based, making it tougher to work with. You also have to be very careful with the temperatures when applying it. Oil based automotive paint can not stand temps lower than 45 degrees. Luckily we don’t see that much often in Orlando Florida.

Prior to panting we cleaned the surface with denatured alcohol. The applied an slick surface , oil based automotive primer. Once the primer was dry. We used a very fine sane paper . Cleaned again with denatured alcohol, then applied 2 top coats.

This Sea world Exterior Painting  project took a total of 17 hours, 2 overnight shifts. The burning copper color is awesome! We love it.Visit the Shark Encounter at Sea World Orlando today to check out our work in person.

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