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WinDoor Home Office Painting.

This company was looking to re amp their home office. They had gone over 10 year without painting the interior office space.

So they wanted to completely change the look and feel of the place. so they gave us a call.  We started out doing a few drywall repairs as you can see in the pictures.  Once all the drywall was completed and dried. We then applied Behr’s Marquee On the walls . This One coat hide paint has amazing capabilities. It can outperform most other paints in its class.  Leaving behind a thicker coat, and a strong sheen.overall creating a more professional and quality job. In other words it’s A+ paint.   We then sanded down the meta door trim. Primed with a Dtm Primer, then top coated with Behr DTM paint. We applied 3 coats onto the Doors, and trim for longer lasting results, a thicker coat and higher washability.  This WinDoor Home Office Painting took us 2 weeks to complete and the results are truly A+.

Now this company can truly showcase its professionalism with fresh new paint around its showroom floor. They are sure to keep and attract new customers with such an amazing fresh new look.


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