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Homes with fences stand out for only a couple of reasons. Either the fence is grabbing attention because of how great it looks and complements the house. Or because it’s an eye sore and hurting the property value. Let’s focus on the beautiful fence and how the teams at A+ Painting can help. 

Benefits of Fence Painting, Staining and Water Sealing

  • Protects the wood
  • Extends the fence life
  • Increase property value
  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Complements the homes appearance

For the best results, preparation is vital. Power washing to clean and rid the wood of mold or mildew, and inspecting the fence for rotted wood or cracks that can harm the integrity of the fence overall would be the first steps.

Whether it’s paint or stain we take extra caution protecting the surroundings and any landscaping in the area. 

When deciding between paint or stain, it’s important to know that paint will last longer and protect the wood better as it fills in the pores and openings which will prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. This creates more of a protective barrier than stain. 

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