Garage Painting

Garage Painting

Garage Painting – Garage Doors

When driving through neighborhoods we all notice certain things. The color a house is painted, landscaping, front doors painted with an accent color, and the garage door. Think about that. A garage door can take up a third of the home’s appearance. This is one sure-fire way to make a statement! Garage painting is one of our most sought-after services. It makes a huge difference for a smaller investment. 

You may not be in the market to paint your entire home exterior. However, you do want to spruce up your house, drive some curb appeal and increase the property value. Painting your garage door will do just that. It is cost-efficient and makes a significant difference in the overall look of your home. 

Garage Painting – Interior

It’s possible you use your garage for parking vehicles. Maybe you use it as a storage room or workshop. And some folks use their garage as a home gym. What is important to understand is that the garage is a room of your house and its square footage that is included in any home survey. The state of your garage can make a significant difference in the home’s appraisal. It’s possible your garage floor has stains on it from vehicle oil drips, paint projects, or simply years of use. Paint used for garage flooring is very durable and resistant to fluids of all types. The paint can be textured or have a smooth finish. Regardless of your specific needs, we can help you find a paint that can make your garage look new. 

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