Exterior Painting

Paint not only adds visual beauty, but it can help protect your home as well. A common practice of a professional Exterior paint job would include proper prepping of the surface that’s being painted. Different surfaces require different prepping.

For Example:
Stucco homes are subjective to a lot of cracking or (Stair-stepping). These cracks eventually allow in drafts/moisture and can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage. These cracks must be sealed before painting to protect the integrity of your home. Usually with a
Latex caulk, Or a stucco filler.

At the time of your Free estimate, Our Sales Professional will walk you through
The proper prepping process of your home. Making each estimate personal to your specific needs. Allowing us to provide a price that has meaning to you.

We at A+ painting understand that your home is your most valuable asset. So we seek to not only provide an excellent service but also to educate our clients on what goes into the pricing of your project.

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