Premier Interior Painting Services in Orlando by A+ Painting

Revitalize your home’s interior with A+ Painting’s professional interior painting services. As your trusted Orlando interior painters, we are dedicated to delivering stunning results that enhance your living spaces. Our comprehensive Orlando interior painting services include meticulous prep work, the use of high-quality materials, and personalized color consultations to ensure a flawless and beautiful finish.

Why Choose A+ Painting team of interior painters?

Expertise and Experience

With over 15 years of experience serving Orlando and the surrounding areas, A+ Painting is your go-to choice for all your interior painting needs. Our team of professional Orlando interior painters is skilled in transforming a wide range of spaces, from cozy bedrooms to expansive living areas. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Detailed Prep Work for a Perfect Finish

Our Orlando interior painters know that the key to a perfect interior paint job lies in the preparation. At A+ Painting, we take prep work seriously. Our process includes:

Comprehensive Inspection

First and foremost, we conduct a thorough inspection of your interior surfaces to identify any areas that need attention, such as cracks, holes, or peeling paint. These issues are addressed before painting begins to ensure a smooth and flawless finish.

Furniture and Floor Protection

Next, our Orlando interior painters great care in protecting your home’s interior. We cover all furniture, floors, and fixtures with drop cloths and plastic sheeting to prevent any paint splatters or damage.

Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Clean surfaces are essential for good paint adhesion. We clean the walls, ceilings, and trim to remove dust, dirt, and grease. This ensures that the new paint adheres properly and lasts longer.

Patching and Sanding

Following cleaning, we fill any holes or cracks with high-quality spackle or joint compound. We then sand the surfaces to create a smooth and even base for the new paint.

Caulking and Priming

To further prepare your home, we apply caulking to any gaps or seams, ensuring a seamless finish. We then apply a high-quality primer to seal the surface and improve paint adhesion. This step is crucial for achieving a uniform finish and vibrant color.

Using Only the Best Paints and Materials

We use only the best paints and materials to guarantee a durable and beautiful finish. Our preferred paints are from Sherwin-Williams, known for their superior quality and longevity. We offer a variety of paint types and sheens to suit your specific needs:

High-Quality Paint Types

Our interior paints are designed to provide excellent coverage and durability, with a wide range of colors to choose from.

Sheen Options

Choose from flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes. Each sheen offers different benefits, from a subtle matte look to a high-gloss shine. We’ll help you select the best option for your home.

Ensuring Full and Even Coverage

We guarantee full and even coverage, ensuring no previous color shows through. By applying the paint evenly and precisely, we provide a smooth and flawless finish that meets the highest standards.

Personalized Color Consultation

Selecting the right color is crucial for creating the perfect ambiance in your home. Our expert Orlando color consultants will work with you to choose colors that complement your home’s décor and your personal style. We provide three free color samples, painting small swatches directly on your walls to ensure the colors look perfect in all lighting conditions. This process helps in bringing your vision to life and guarantees you pick the right color.

Attention to Detail

Our team is dedicated to providing meticulous attention to detail on every project. From precise brushwork to even and consistent coverage, we ensure that every aspect of your interior painting project is executed to perfection. We protect your furniture, floors, and fixtures, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

The Importance of Interior Painting

Maintaining your interior paint not only enhances the beauty of your home but also protects your walls and surfaces.Orlando Quality interior painting can transform your living spaces, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Regular painting maintenance can also increase the value of your home and provide a healthier living environment by sealing out dust and allergens.

Local Expertise

As a locally owned and operated Orlando painting company, we understand the unique needs of homeowners in Orlando. Our knowledge of local styles and trends allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. This local expertise ensures that we can offer the best advice and services for your interior painting project.

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